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CILB Application Assistance
CILB Contractor Licensure Assistance

We provide assistance to ease the process for you in completing and submitting each of the following applications:

    Qualifying Additional Business Organization

    Initial Issuance of Licensure for REGISTERED Contractor

    Initial Issuance of Licensure for CERTIFIED Contractor

    Certification by Endorsement

    Grandfathering from Registered to Certified

    Change of Status from Individual to Qualifying Business

    Change of Status from Qualifying Business to Individual

    Change of Status from One Business Entity to Another

    Change of Status from Inactive to Active

    Change of Status from Active to Inactive

    Financially Responsible Officer

    Registration for Swimming Pool Specialty Contractor Practical Examiner

    Request for Address or Name Change

    Request for Name Change for Construction Qualified Business Entities

Do you understand fully how to answer the questions on the licensure application?

Do you have issues with an existing license application and are having a hard time resolving it?

Do you want to qualify an additional business entity with your license?

Do you know the requirements to qualify an additional business entity with your license?

Have you been put on probabtion by the CILB Board?

Do you need assistance with the Probation Package and Probation Meeting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not hire somebody who attends the CILB meetings monthly?

Our team of professionals can help you.
Start today by scheduling a complementary consultation. 

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